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Sean (Shan) Singh
Attorney at Law

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Attorney Sean (Shan) Singh is an established and experienced lawyer at the head of The Law Offices of K. Sean Singh & Associates, a Santa Ana-based law firm. Established in 1982, The Law Offices of K. Sean Singh & Associates have served the area for decades and established itself as a reputable law firm that fights for its clients.

Sean (Shan) Singh attended law school at Western State University and was admitted to the California State Bar in June of 1982. He has been practicing law ever since and has assisted clients with a variety of legal matters, particularly in areas involving family law, estate planning, car accidents, immigration law, bankruptcy law, and more.

Mr. Singh can also provide customized asset protection planning.

His customer service is unparalleled, and he always remains accessible and responsive to his clients. He works hard to ensure that the interests of his clients are his number one priority, something which is reflected in his work. As a Santa Ana-based attorney, Sean (Shan) Singh has worked with a large array of clients and legal matters, and his expertise makes him a legal force to be reckoned with.

To learn more about how Sean (Shan) Singh can help you with your legal matter, contact The Law Offices of K. Sean Singh & Associates to schedule a free initial consultation.